Skin Care Invites

Skin Care Invites 2018-06-14T03:27:49+00:00

The following link will lead you to a folder where you can download our Dream Team Skin Care Party invites!  Click the link and select the file you want.

On the top right where it says Download, click on Direct Download to save to your computer.

Step 1: Once you’ve downloaded the invite you want, open it up using your computer’s PDF viewer (on a Mac, use Preview. On a Windows machine, we recommend to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

Step 2: Once you have the right software, find the Invite you downloaded (check your Downloads folder) and open it up. You should see different fields underlined in the file (for example; Your Name). Each field can be clicked on and edited! Fill in your information and Save it!

Step 3: Depending on the software, the following may be slightly different:  Click on File at the top menu of the document and look for SAVE AS or EXPORT.  We want to save the newly edited file as a JPEG or PNG, basically an image, so you can post on Facebook and Text out to people!  Once you find the right option, give your export a file name and remember to choose JPEG or PNG to make sure it’s compatible with most websites and social media accounts and then hit SAVE!

Step 4: Share share SHARE!!